Refuse To Do Nothing serves as a non-profit, humanitarian, philanthropic, and fundraising organization dedicated to providing clean water, clothes, shoes, shelter, and food globally to people in need.

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FOOD AwarenesS

Currently, 15 million – yes MILLION – Americans are living with a food allergy. This means that one in every 13 children is affected. Food allergies can range from minor reactions (stomachache, hives) to extremely serious, resulting in long-term hospitalization and death.

Celebrating Cross” is a Gala organized by the Hatfield Family, who nearly lost their youngest son Cross two years ago due to a severe nut allergy. January 15, 2019, marked two years since Cross suffered from anaphylactic shock. He fought for his life for five long days in PICU at Scottish Rite Hospital. Thankfully, the excellent staff at Scottish Rite were able to help Cross pull through and he is a thriving, happy 9-year-old boy.

Join us for our annual "Celebrating Cross" event!

Along with spreading awareness about food allergies, Refuse to Do Nothing also provides meals to villages in the Central African Republic. Domestically, bumper bags are given to students in Savannah, Georgia for those who guarantee they will have a meal after school and on weekends. We also work closely with the Fulton County Food Bank outside of Atlanta, Georgia to help those in need in our backyard just as much as we do internationally.

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