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Refuse To Do Nothing serves as a Nonprofit, Humanitarian, Philanthropic, and Fundraising Organization dedicated to providing the

five basic human rights, clean water, clothes, shoes, food, and shelter, globally to people in need.


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clean water atlanta nonprofit organization

To date, we've provided 1,950 weeks of clean water to communities in the Central African Republic!

Pillowcase Dress Clothing Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

What do you get when you combine a pillowcase, ribbon, and some thread? A pillowcase dress!

Sole Hope Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

A jigger is a parasite that buries itself into exposed feet and hands, growing over 1,000 times its size.

Food Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

Providing food for those who cannot provide for themselves while spreading awareness and education on allergies of all severities.

Shelter Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

Having a roof over your head is a right, not a privilege.

Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization Uganda
Our Story Nonprofit Organization

our story

Fulfilling our biblical stewardship one mission at a time.


This is Team Hatfield. 

Events Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

Last Thursday of Each Month

Book & Blanket Donation Drop


March 1 - December 1


September 6

Sole Hope Party with a Purpose

December 6

Pillowcase Dress Party with a Purpose

January  2023

Celebrating Cross Gala

Best Self Atlanta Magazine Cover
Over 40 & Fabulous Top 10 Candidate
Total Green Services Atlanta Commercial Cleaning Service

Total Green Services has been a sponsor for Refuse to Do Nothing since we opened our doors!


It is a privilege to work with a company that instills the same values into their company as we do our Nonprofit. We are so excited to continue to fulfill our biblical duty and change lives all over the world.

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