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what are jiggers?

A jigger is an extremely small flea that burrows into a person's skin, latches onto blood vessels, and lays eggs. These eggs then hatch and mature, leading to an infestation. Within days, jiggers swell over 1,000 times its size, leading to painful swelling, itching, infection, and in severe cases, amputation or loss of life. 

how can you help?

Send us donations!

Items needed:

  • Sharpies

  • Large safety pins

  • Gallon size freezer bags

  • Plastic folders

  • Denim material or jeans

  • Used non-returnable suitcases

  • Sponsorship of $10 per full shoe pattern, and financial donations for shipping

    • (Each 55-pound bag costs $150 bag fee). 

    • All monetary donations will aid in the airport checked bag fees which range from $100-$300 per bag depending on the country and based on a 55 lb bag. All donated suitcases will not be returned.

where do you send donations?

Collect all necessary items (materials, jeans, or monetary donations), and mail to the address below:

Sole Hope 2020

12655 Birmingham Highway

Executive Office 302

Milton, GA 30009

Together we CAN make a difference by providing jobs, shoes, and most of all . . . Hope.

where will your donations go?

All ​shoe patterns will be hand-delivered to a team of 25 shoemakers in Jinja, Uganda to be crafted

into close-toed shoes to protect all who wear them from jiggers.

The journey of denim and plastic starts with you and ends with one more child

protected from harmful, debilitating fleas.

upcoming event

Our NINTH annual 'Party with a Purpose' will be on September 16th, 2023!

If you cannot attend our party but would like to participate, please have finished shoes or donations mailed no later than Sep. 1, 2023.


Interested in hosting your own Sole Hope 'Party with a Purpose?'


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