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Food Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization


shelters, meals & allergy awareness


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countries served

U.S, Kenya, Uganda


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meals provided

The Drake House Refuse to Do Nothing

The Drake House 

provides a lifeline of supportive housing and enrichment programs for homeless mothers and their children in north metro Atlanta.

Time is spent with women and their children providing love, advice, prayer, and meals. 

Feeding America Refuse to Do Nothing

Feeding America 

advocates for the millions of children and families living in America face hunger and food insecurity every day.


Every dollar donated to Feeding America helps secure and distribute 10 meals to people facing hunger.

Food Central African Republic Refuse to Do Nothing

Breakfast & Lunch

meals are provided to five schools in the Central Africa Republic on a daily basis for one year. We are committed to ensuring no child goes hungry.

Bumper Bags Refuse to Do Nothing

Bumper Bags

are given to students in Savannah, Georgia to guarantee that the child will have a meal after school and on weekends. Too often than not children go to sleep with a hungry belly from lack of nourishment or food altogether.

Food Shelters Refuse to Do Nothing

Local Food Shelters

provide support for those in need in your own backyard. 

Volunteering to serve food at a food shelter boosts community morale and overall nourishment for those facing hunger.

Food Allergy Awareness

food allergy awareness

Our Food Mission stretches beyond providing meals for those facing hunger and food insecurity. Refuse to Do Nothing is a strong advocate for also educating those on the importance of food allergy awareness.

Check out our Food Allergy Mission!

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