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Founder Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

bridgitte hatfield


Bridgitte is constantly inspired by others and strives to do her part by 

'Refusing To Do Nothing'. In honoring her Biblical stewardship, she wants her children to notice that random acts of kindness can be in our own zip code or 6,000 miles away. 


Bridgitte's servant leadership has blossomed around the idea that each act of service that we make locally, nationally, or globally, makes a profound ripple effect toward the greater good.

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

ciara hatfield
secretary & marketing

 Ciara is a recent graduate of The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and is continuing her education to earn her Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.

Ciara believes optimism is the secret ingredient for all seasons of life and something that she practices every single day. Ciara is inspired to fulfill her biblical obligations through little acts of kindness and compassion for others.

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

Jennifer met Bridgitte and Craig Hatfield over 20+ years ago as neighbors in Dayton, OH. She feels blessed to have reconnected with them as (slightly farther) neighbors in Georgia and be able to be on their ‘crazy train of compassion’ in giving back to others.


Jennifer has an extensive background as a Social Media and Communications Specialist. Jennifer has spearheaded our event PR's with our Celebrating Cross Gala and is an active advocate for our 13 'Do Good' missions.  

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

stephanie moore

Stephanie is from Dayton, OH where she was born and raised.  She is married to her husband, Paul of 10 years, and have two kids,  Zach and Preston. Stephanie is a Bookkeeper and Payroll Specialist.  


She loves teaching dance and creating an impact on kid's lives. 

Stephanie and her husband are leaders with Zurvita, love to give

back, travel, and spend time with their family.

jennifer hintz
public relations


craig hatfield

Craig makes it a priority to be the best example he can be to his children in becoming stewards of the Lord and refusing to do nothing when there is a human need that has not been fulfilled.

Craig is eager to see the growth and impact through our continued efforts to Do Good and lead my family to be the best versions of themselves

they can be!

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

Chaes is a junior at Kennesaw State University, pursuing his passion in the art of dance and controlled movement.

He values the "in-between" moments of his everyday life and loves to spontaneously travel. Chaes sees the beauty in diverse places and loves educating himself on different cultures. You can find Chaes at Chipotle or Starbucks on any given day.

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

mindy farry

Mindy is currently an educational consultant in the areas of classroom management, teacher training, principal mentorship, and school improvement. 


Mindy has forty-one years of experience as a teacher, school administrator, and educational consultant. She has been married for 40 years to her amazing husband, Joe and has two

children and two beautiful granddaughters.   

chaes hatfield

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

kelly brickler

Kelly loves to anonymously Bless others. She loves Jesus and always tries to live her life wanting to make others feel special, unconditionally loved, and accepted.  Kelly is a mother of two children, twins, and a young grandmother to Elaela and Jack.  Kelly has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves being creative and thinking outside the box. 


Kelly likes to stay active, loves family time, reading, and travels as much as time allows.

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

angela cook

Angela is a traveling Pediatric ER nurse and loves meeting new people in new cities! Angela has accompanied Bridgitte on a mission trip to Uganda to deliver pillowcase dresses, shoe patterns, and medical supplies and values this mission trip as a life-changing experience to be able to see first-hand the impact Refuse to Do Nothing's efforts make.

Angela continues to be an advocate for our 13 'Do Good' missions and is honored to be part of the 'magic' that is refusing to do nothing! 

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

anne billingsley

Anne is a native Vermonter currently living in Ohio.  Anne has been active in scouting with her family for 21 years. She has a passion for genealogy research and enjoys finding information about her Native American and Irish ancestors as well as for others.


Anne enjoys crafting and sewing and loves spending time with family. Anne and her husband have a blended family of 5 children and 11 grandchildren. 

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

tracey jones

Tracey resides in Charlotte, NC, and has worked in the Property Management industry for the last seven years. When Tracey's not working she enjoys spending time with her husband of 15 years, being a momma to two amazing children, snuggling with my two fur babies, and doing all things D-I-Y. 


Tracey is a believer in the power of positive thinking, in random acts of kindness, and chooses to believe that small things done with great love can change the world we live in.

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

angel stanifer

Angel is a small business owner, wife, mother of 4, and grandmama to one. Angel likes to fill the small bits of free time serving in any capacity. 


 Angel has been on a mission to find something more to feed her soul. She is excited to link arms with Refuse To Do Nothing in our pursuit to satisfy the five basic necessities that every human should have available without scarcity.

Board Member Refuse to Do Nothing Nonprofit Organization

pamela smith

Pamela graduated from Wright State University and married her best friend, Rick shortly after. Together, they have 4 amazing kids. When she's not on the sidelines cheering on her daughters, she enjoys crafting and doing home improvement projects.  

Pamela believes that Jesus commands that we serve one another humbly in love. She can’t think of a better way to serve others than through mission projects. 

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