Refuse To Do Nothing serves as a humanitarian and philanthropy to providing clean water, clothes, shoes, shelter, and faith globally to people in need.

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Refuse To Do Nothing, Clean Water, Fundraising, Donations

My family and I have committed to supply a minimum of 1 year of clean water per MONTH to the Central African Republic. Want to help?


Refuse To Do Nothing, Sole Hope, Jiggers, Fundraising, Donations

It's our 'Party with a Purpose!" Join us to help provide shoes to needy children.


Need to determine what goes here.


Refuse To Do Nothing, Clean Water, Fundraising, Donations

Ah MudLOVE – one of my favorite charities to be a part of! The story behind MudLOVE is an amazing one: started by artists in a garage with the simple yet beautiful idea to support clean water projects in Africa. 


To date, 1302 dresses have been hand delivered to Uganda, Poland, Rwanda, Guatemala, Ecuador, India, and Zimbabwe.

(Pillowcase Dresses)

Refuse To Do Nothing, Food Awareness, FARE, Donations, Fundraisin, Nonprofit, Non Profit

Currently, 15 million – yes MILLION – Americans are living with a food allergy.   This means that one in every 13 children is affected. Want to know more?