Mission Trip

Traveling on short term missions and serving people has been the most encouraging and inspirational work I have done. I have served in my own zip code and as far as 7,700 miles from home. Although I am not bilingual, I have found that the common language is love.

Going to serve people in their time of need has actually given me fulfillment in ways I can never repay. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and support I have received in serving alongside, with, and for others.

Want to help? Monetary donations are always accepted and appreciated ($150 per checked back), and suitcases as well!

Keep us in mind when you're at a garage sale or thrift store!

Please contact me below if you have any suitcases/bags to donate!

Refuse To Do Nothing serves as a Nonprofit, Humanitarian, Philanthropic, and Fundraising Organization dedicated to providing clean water, clothes, shoes, shelter, and food globally to people in need.

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