Refuse To Do Nothing serves as a non-profit, humanitarian, philanthropic, and fundraising organization dedicated to providing clean water, clothes, shoes, shelter, and food globally to people in need.

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The Hatfields have committed to supply a minimum of 1 year of clean water per MONTH to the Central African Republic.

In addition, we built eight water wells in Uganda in 2018 focusing on schools and villages in efforts to reduce those affected by dehydration, jiggers, and other parasites. The eight wells aid in the educational learning and productivity of those who don't have access to this resource.

This is an exciting opportunity to give an unlimited Clean Water supply to children, teachers, and parents. To build a new well in a community, a survey is first done to determine the best spot, then the well is hand-dug.   


Let me tell you how we became part of the Clean Water Project.

During my last Missionary trip, my main purpose in going was to deliver shoes for Sole Hope. It was during that time that I met missionaries from all around the world. I was honored to meet a group of people who were there for the purpose of digging/providing wells to those communities and it inspired me to help those who don't have access to a freshwater source.

The idea that Clean Water is a human right, not a privilege, makes this mission even more important. There are so many people that think nothing of having Clean Water while others pray, dream and wish for it on a daily basis.

This is where you come in to help. This is living out loud... This is Refusing To Do Nothing.