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My name is Craig Hatfield and I am honored to be able to

serve as a Board Member for Refuse to Do Nothing.


Over the past two years, my family and I have pledged to

build eight water wells for villages in central Africa. Our donations

have provided sustainable access to clean water for transformational sanitation, agricultural, and hygienic benefits for those affected by this lack of resources.


craig hatfield


As of recent, we have provided over 1,880 weeks of clean water through our eight completed wells! It’s a true privilege to provide this basic human right in a region where such a resource is so incredibly scarce. We have also had the opportunity to build a school, multiple restroom facilities, and a soccer field in communities in Africa and Guatemala. Although we cannot physically be there to see the progress of these efforts, we know that the impact created is life-changing.


I also dedicate my time in my servant leadership to charity events and gala’s in support of Best Buddies, Bark & Boogie, Celebrating Cross, and CHRIS180. I make it my priority to be the best example I can be to my children in becoming stewards of the Lord and refusing to do nothing when there is a human need that has not been fulfilled.


Total Green Services proudly sponsors Refuse to Do Nothing in donating 15-20% of yearly profits to the mission platforms under the Nonprofit. I am eager to see the growth and impact through our continued efforts to Do Good and lead my family to be the best versions of themselves they can be!

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