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My name is Jennifer Hintz, and I am thrilled to have been asked

to be a Board Member for Refuse to Do Nothing.  

Currently, I am the Owner & Operator of Social Media Hintz &

Solutions and a Communications Specialist at allnex.


In the past, I have contributed to various charities and organizations

such as raising donations or walking in an event but being a part of

Refuse To Do Nothing allows me to really use my business experience and Marketing background to effectively contribute to an amazing organization.

I met Bridgitte and Craig Hatfield over 20+ years ago as neighbors in Dayton, OH. I am blessed to have reconnected with them as (slightly farther) neighbors in Georgia and be able to be on their ‘crazy train of compassion’ in giving back to others.

I began my professional career after graduating as a Psychology major from Miami University and an MBA in Operations Management from the University of Dayton.  With a variety of jobs in the chemical, promotional products, event, and television industries, I look forward to being a Board Member of RTDN, and am excited to be a part of its growth and future.  

Board member

jennifer hintz

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