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Refusing to Do Nothing with 6th Annual Sole Hope Party

Nonprofit Organizations uniquely serve thousands of people worldwide through their own personal mission. Nonprofits are the lifeline to serving others, doing GOOD, and changing the world through each individual who is inspired to do something. Refuse to Do Nothing has been in operation for six years in Atlanta, Georgia, and has built a powerful tribe. Through the relentless dedication to our mission, Refuse to Do Nothing has impacted over 50,000 lives through our 13 ‘Do Good’ missions.

Among our other missions, Sole Hope has been a fan favorite- and for good reason! Refuse to Do Nothing is dedicated to providing the five basic human rights- clean water, clothes, shoes, food, and shelter- globally to those in need. Sole Hope represents our shoe mission. Shoes are an obligation, not a privilege, that every human has the right to own. For most, shoes are an expendable, tangible item, but for others, shoes are a matter of life or death. Going on six years strong with Sole Hope, our Atlanta based Nonprofit Organization has exceeded our shoe pattern goal every year. To date, we have cut out and hand-delivered over 1,500 shoe patterns to communities in Jinja, Uganda! To date, we have changed over 1,500 lives.

What is Sole Hope?

Sole Hope is a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to treating patients affected by jiggers in Jinja, Uganda.

A jigger is an extremely small flea that burrows into a person’s skin, latching onto blood vessels, and laying eggs in hands and feet. These eggs then hatch and mature, leading to an infestation. Within days, jiggers can swell over 1,000 times its size, leading to painful swelling, itching, infection, and in severe cases, amputation or loss of life.

This is where Sole Hope comes in. The Nonprofit Organization is dedicated to treating patients affected by jiggers. The team in Uganda cleanses the affected areas and provides shoes to prevent further infestation. The shoes that shelter feet are made from denim jeans! How cool is that? The goal is to transform the lives of those in Jinja, Uganda, and promote a jigger-free life.

The Party with a Purpose Process

Sole Hope shoes are made out of denim and plastic materials. During a Party with a Purpose, provided shape templates are traced and cut out of plastic folders and jeans or denim material. The pattern size for the denim material and plastic folders varies based on the shoe size for each age group. These cutout denim patterns serve as the outside barrier of the shoe while the plastic material serves as the heal support. All cutouts of the same shoe size are safety pinned together to ensure the shoemakers can craft the shoe.

The cutout patterns are collected and placed in a gallon-size freezer bag, packaged in suitcases, and hand-delivered to Jinja, Uganda. From there, the patterns are sent to a team of 25 Ugandan men and women to create shoes of your patterns. These shoemakers handcraft hundreds of shoes and are gifted to someone treated from jiggers.

How to Contribute to Sole Hope

We are accepting donations until September 20th!

Additional information about donations can be found here!

Refuse to Do Nothing advocates for Sole Hope as part of our shoe mission. Our ‘Party with a Purpose’ serves as a way for our tribe to come together, near and far, to promote a jigger-free life for our neighbors overseas.

You can choose to host your own party, socially distanced of course, or attend our virtual party! This year is looking a little different from the pandemic, so we are hosting our party virtually. All attendees who are not participating in another hosted party are more than welcome to join Refuse to Do Nothing virtually!

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