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Celebrating Cross Gala Exceeds 10K in Donations

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Atlanta, GA. (March 2019)– Refuse To Do Nothing is so thankful that the Celebrating Cross Gala, created to raised funds for Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) exceeded over 10K in donations.

What a fantastic and amazing success!

The second annual Celebrating Cross doubled in size from the year before – and the interest and attendance this year has already indicated it will double in size again.

Celebrating Cross” is a Gala organized by the Hatfield Family, who nearly lost their youngest son Cross two years ago due to a severe nut allergy. This January 15, 2019 marked two years that Cross suffered from anaphylactic shock and fought five long days in PICU at Scottish Rite Hospital for his life. Thankfully, the excellent staff at Scottish Rite were able to help Cross pull through and he is thriving and happy 9 year old boy.

It’s a common misconception that food allergies “aren’t that serious” or just being exposed to a small amount won’t hurt. That couldn’t be more wrong! From the FARE website, although many food allergies will cause something as minor as a stomachache, for many the reaction is much more serious. Even a cross-contamination with minute traces of the allergen can send the person into anaphylactic shock and be life-threatening. This is why it’s of such crucial importance to raise money and be aware of food allergies.

The third annual Celebrating Cross is already scheduled for January 11, 2020. Interested in attending or donating? Click here for more info.

Big thanks again to our donors for the silent auction, including gift cards, jewelry, makeup, hotel stays and more!

Below is a complete list of our generous donors:

Blue Ridge Cabin Getaway

Canton Soap Company

Christine Davidson C.N.M.T

Fairfield Inn Cumming/Johns Creek

Jewelry from NaDa Designs

Jewelry from Rachel Wynn

Milton Wine and Crystal

Roswell Book Club

Steve Harrah

Tara Gary TG Concepts & Design

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