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First Annual "Celebrating Cross"

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Our first annual event “Celebrating Cross” was a huge success! Thank you to all of the wonderful people that prayed, attended, gave donations, ticket sponsorships and silent auction basket items! I sent 100% as a donation to FARE on Thursday January 25 in the amount of $4500.00!

I am over the moon that we were able to collect and personally donate to Food Allergy Research & Education! My hope is that more people are educated and supplied with necessary tools to save their child’s life or ultimately avoid anaphylactic shock all together.

I want to personally thank Dan and Rachel Stanojevich Noto for all their work and love they put into the Silent Auction donations and those who traveled from out of state- Angela Byrd Cook Nikki Winkelman Byrnes Faustina Snipes Debra L Ferraro Clark Dennis Clark Grace Ferraro Ciara Hatfield. Cross and our entire family loved having everyone there. Cross is extremely grateful to be alive. The past year has been a rough one, really rough, but it pales in comparison to what we would have faced without him.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Cross and this event Celebrating Cross our Brave Anaphylaxis Survivor! Mark your calendar and join us next year on January! #CelebratingCross #FARE #RefuseToDoNothing #DoGood #Thankful

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